Peace, Love & Emma 2020 will be a VIRTUAL EVENT on Sunday May 3rd at 7:00pm - streaming LIVE on Facebook and other channels. We plan to feature Music & Art, raffle off some great baskets and give an update on 2019 and beyond. Proceeds from this live event will be shared with local Food Banks to help those that are struggling and help fund our Tree Planting initiative. Hope you can join us!

PLE Live!

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Because we can't be together and we're uncertain when 'large events' will be permitted, we wanted to interrupt this current 'quarantine' with something positive. So we're planning to live stream from our living room and check-in with you our faithful. We can't wait to share some time with you all and benefit those in need in our community.

We plan to Live Stream to Facebook and include some live (hopefully) and prerecorded video clips to help break up the monotomy of this new normal. Besides, we still have at least a dozen baskets that you all could be enjoying now and when the world opens back up (hopefully soon!). Oh, and there's alcohol in a few of them - which should be incentive enough to join us!

Tune in on Sunday night May 3rd at 7pm for an hour of what we hope will be an enjoyable and uplifting evening.

Given the current 'stay at home' restrictions across most of the nation, it's been hard on those families that may have been struggling before. It's even tougher as volunteerism has also declined for the same reasons, but the challenges continue to grow (especially with kids home from school full-time). We will be sharing half of the proceeds from this fundraiser with local food banks that are on the front line of helping families. We hope this will have an immediate impact through a host of providers in the local area.

We also need to keep giving love to Mother Earth. In 2019, we planted 1,184 trees and planned for 2020 to be an even bigger hug, until events were cancelled across our state. While the planting season in Pennsylvania ends mid-May, we want to help #LoveOurMother this year through planting partners and our #EMFBeachCleanup program. It's unclear as of today what summer vacation will look like, but we plan to be ready to help. Part of the proceeds from Peace, Love & Emma LIVE will be used for environmental projects.

For each dollar donated, you'll get one chance in the basket raffle (for example, donate $25 get 25 chances). We'll be doing the raffle using 'random numbers' assigned to match each donation - and then winning numbers selected live. Each chance you receive will be valid for all of the raffles - limit 1 winning basket per person. Except for the 'big basket' - in the time of quarantine it's the Basket Of Cheer - which everyone will be included. For those of you not in Pennsylvania - you should know that this is pure gold.

We'll make plans to connect with winners to transfer the winning loot using proper social distancing. Some of the baskets can be used today (Italian Basket, XBOX Console, Garden Basket) and some will reward you for all your pain during quarantine with local shops/hotels/attractions open later this year. They will and you'll be ready!

<<< Click here to see the baskets

<<< Click here to donate, enter the raffle and help those in need

For those of you that bought tickets via our TicketTailor site or made donations via Paypal or by check - you'll automatically be entered into the raffles.

This is our first time doing a virtual raffle so we have fingers crossed that we'll be able to pull it off (along with the rest of the live stream) - but if we flub, it should still make for some great Sunday night entertainment. Besides, what else do you have to do?

In 2014, we formed the Emma Munson Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to 'promote charitable activity to improve the quality of life.' We hope to spark a youth volunteer movement via Emma's Peace Gang and fund projects aimed at three of Emma's passions - Mother Earth, Mankind and the Arts.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth was such a strong force in Emma's life, she deeply loved the beauty of nature which is evident in most every expression in her life. She was concerned with man's impact on the environment and believed that we can make a positive impact by simple actions like recycling and more basic steps like local and organic farming. She believed in the power of the 'outdoors' and could often be caught 'looking up' to the clouds to see the real beauty in the world...


For her brief number of years, Emma was so mature in her understanding and respect for others in this world. She had an uncanny ability to light up a room when she entered, and was compassionate and confident and never 'followed the crowd'. During her youth, she drew a close group of friends and can be remembered as one of the most 'accepting' people that most will ever meet.

The Arts!

Emma had the voice of an angel and creativity for visual arts which led her to VCU, the #1 Public Art program in the US. During her first year in the Art Foundation program, she was contemplating how to use her love of The Arts to help others, considering a course change to Art Therapy. It was clear from an early age that Visual and Performing arts would part of Emma's life and something that she would like to share with the world.

Emma Munson was a 2013 graduate of the North Allegheny School District who died tragically during her freshman year at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. Emma was following her passion by studying art in the highly acclaimed VCU Arts program.

To know Emma was to know a true individual. She lived her short life with compassion, acceptance and a true sense of self. She truly lived in the moment, letting life take her where it would.

She was an actress, singer and a talented writer and after painting a mural on her bedroom wall and taking Art classes at North Allegheny realized she found joy in painting, drawing and a true source of happiness in nature photography. She began combining two things she loved...the earth and art to create some beautiful and very personal pieces.

Emma had so many dreams....she wanted to be a farmer and live off the land and be self-sufficient and feed the world. She wanted to hike and explore and learn as much as she could about our beautiful world and the people in it. She wanted to join the Peace Corps and help others. She especially wanted to treat everyone she met with love and respect.

As her family, we have taken her inspirations and formed the Emma Munson Foundation to help others, protect Mother Earth and celebrate the Arts.

Can't make it? You can donate here via PayPal