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We hope you can join us on Sunday March 31st at Jergel's Rhythm Grille in Warrendale, PA - it will be our 5th annual fundraiser at this great location and we're so excited for the day.

If you can't make it but still want to support our efforts, you have a few options:

1) Buy raffle tickets for the terrific baskets that we're offering - our volunteers will reach out to you by email and will 'deposit' tickets into one or more of the baskets that we'll have available on the day. You can help support our efforts and maybe win a great prize! There's a Basket Raffle Ticket option available at our ticket site - HERE

2) You can support us financially by making a tax-deductible donation to our foundation via PayPal - just visit our donation site Donate Here

Who's Playing...

We're working on the list of performers, stop back again to check-in!

The Causes...

Mother Earth
Mother Earth was such a strong force in Emma's life, she deeply loved the beauty of nature which is evident in most every expression in her life. She was concerned with man's impact on the environment and believed that we can make a positive impact by simple actions like recycling and more basic steps like local and organic farming. She believed in the power of the 'outdoors' and could often be caught 'looking up' to the clouds to see the real beauty in the world...

For her brief number of years, Emma was so mature in her understanding and respect for others in this world. She had an uncanny ability to light up a room when she entered, and was compassionate and confident and never 'followed the crowd'. During her youth, she drew a close group of friends and can be remembered as one of the most 'accepting' people that most will ever meet.

The Arts!
Emma had the voice of an angel and creativity for visual arts which led her to VCU, the #1 Public Art program in the US. During her first year in the Art Foundation program, she was contemplating how to use her love of The Arts to help others, considering a course change to Art Therapy. It was clear from an early age that Visual and Performing arts would part of Emma's life and something that she would like to share with the world.

Our Artisans...

Because Emma was an aspiring artist, we wanted to invite local artists and vendors to offer for sale their creations - We hope that this type of exposure will help them grow their business and allow you a chance to pick up a unique gift.

We have three awesome vendors ready to share their creations with you!

Lindsay Erisey is a DoTerra oil distributor and will have lots of essential oils for you to choose from.

David Mueller is an awesome artist who puts a fun, light hearted, colorful spin on all his unique pieces.

Lucy Kelly takes vintage items and repurposes them into cool jewelry pieces.

We will also have a Kindness Rocks painting table - come and check it out.

The Day's Schedule

12:00pmDoors Open
1:00pmHewlett Anderson
2:00pmBack Alley Sound
2:45pmKiwano Sour
3:35pmDan Burda
4:00pmEmma's Peace Gang Band
4:45pmRaffle winners announced!

During the day we'll have special video presentations sharing our vision for 2019

Jergel's Rhythm Grille

Jergel's is graciously hosting our event and the club is open for normal business. We're working on the details, but there will be some type of complimentary buffet during the day and if you're interested in a bigger meal - the full Jergel's menu is available for your individual purchase.

If this will be your first visit to Jergel's, we hope you'll come back for a meal or show and show them how much you appreciate their support of our foundation.

Check out their upcoming shows by clicking here.

How Can I Help?

This is our 5th Annual Fundraiser and we hope to make it great and raise lots of money to support the charities listed above. But we need you help, here's a few things you can do:

1) Come to the event!

Definitely the easiest way to show your support! Tickets can be purchased on-line - Click Here and come out on Sunday March 31st anytime between 12 and 5pm.

2) Follow us on FaceBook

You can stay connected with our foundation via Facebook and join us through the year as we work to make a difference. You can Like us and share a link with your friends to help us build our network of supporters.

3) Help us obtain financial sponsorship

We have 3 very important programs that we hope to continue to grow and we can do so much more by enlisting financial sponsors. The Emma Munson Foundaion is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations are tax exempt. We have a donation letter available Here that you can take to businesses in your area to ask them so support this effort. Please email with any questions or updates if you are able to find sponsors.

4) Donate to the foundation

If you'd like to help us in our mission to support charitable activity (and spark a youth volunteer movement) you can help us financially by sending your tax deductible donation to us at:

         Emma Munson Foundation, Inc.
         436 Seventh Avenue, 26th Floor
         Pittsburgh, PA 15219

or you can visit our donation site--> Donate Here

All donations will be recognized with a tax receipt along with our thanks!

Our Girl...

Taken from us so quickly, some days it's still hard for us to comprehend that Emma is really gone.

As her parents, we always knew Emma was amazing and different. She spoke at a young age and was born with an extremely compassionate heart. As a young girl she had a vivid imagination and as the oldest of four children she was somewhat of a protector, but not in an overbearing way.

As she entered Middle School, a dark time for her, as she called it, she had developed a true sense of self already. She stood up for what she believed and wore what others would not leave the house in. She was secure with herself and did not worry about what others thought of her. She was always mature beyond her old soul for sure.

During the times when she was misunderstood by many, Act One was her refuge. Everyone "got her" there and she could freely be herself and express her beautiful and unique spirit without judgement. It was a lifesaver for her, truly. She blossomed there and her talent, to us, was amazing and incredible to watch with each passing year. She not only grew as an actress and singer over those years, but her creativity just seemed to consume her.

She was a talented writer and after painting a mural on her bedroom wall and taking Art classes at North Allegheny realized she found joy in painting, drawing and a true source of happiness in nature photography. She began combining two things she loved...the earth and art to create some beautiful and very personal pieces. With the help of willing friends, who knew if Emma asked you to do something it was going to be an adventure, she created some really beautiful pieces of painted people.

All the while she remained true to her beliefs that we must take care of our Mother Earth. She would bring home bags of recyclables from show rehearsals, She carried a completely non-disposable lunch anywhere she went. She begged us at home to compost and buy cloth napkins, just to name a few. She approached someone sitting in a running car and asked respectfully if they could shut off their engine while just waiting for someone. So many of the things she did were out of respect for our world. And she loved being out in the world, enjoying nature and exploring every chance she got.

She had so many dreams....she wanted to be a farmer and live off the land and be self-sufficient and feed the world. She wanted to hike and explore and learn as much as she could about our beautiful world and the people in it. She wanted to join the Peace Corps and help others. She especially wanted to treat everyone she met with love and respect.

She wanted to make an impact on the 19 short years, she really did.

And so now, as her family, we have decided that the best thing we can do to honor our beautiful Emma is to take her inspirations and help others. Help make the world a better place. We want to make her proud. We want to follow her lead and do all things in the spirit of love and charity. We want to help her continue to make an impact on the world.

Emma Munson Foundation...

In 2014, we formed the Emma Munson Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to 'promote charitable activity to improve the quality of life.' We hope to spark a youth volunteer movement via Emma's Peace Gang and fund projects aimed at 3 of Emma's passions - Mother Earth, Mankind and the Arts.

Emma's Peace Gang...

Emma's Peace Gang is a loosely organized volunteer force that is tightly linked to the inspirations of Emma Munson, who died suddenly and tragically on Sunday October 6, 2013. The group has a mission to serve the people of this world through expressions of love towards Mankind, the Environment and the Arts - 3 of Emma's passions.

How does it work?
You register (HERE) and begin to record your time volunteering for charitable causes - most anything that helps make a difference. The time is 'confirmed' and 'banked' to support financial contributions to the Emma Munson Foundation, Inc. For each $10 donated, our gang will perform at least 1 hour of volunteer activity. The more that is raised, the more work we need to do!

Where does the money that is raised go?
Donations to the foundation are recycled back into the world through expressions of love inspired by Emma - things she would have done if she had the chance. The inspirations are multiplied 3 times - once by the financial donation, a second by Emma's family's expression of support and third by an additional donation of volunteer time towards the mission of the sponsored organization. Read about our past projects and plans HERE...

How do I get started and join the Gang?
It's easy to join and get started - just jump right in REGISTER

Can't make it? You can donate here via PayPal